Our Services

Inner Ocean Services

A helping hand for those exploring the realm of the inner ocean.


Our intention is to continue supporting and promoting healthy alternatives that provide opportunities for personal growth and enhanced well-being. You can find a synthesis of simple experiential practices that will enable individuals to dive into their inner potential for more self-awareness and happiness within the pages of OUR INNER OCEAN. These include elements of certain holistic modalities of bodywork and transformative self-care practices that involve mindful movement, the breath, the vital life force energy, body, mind, and spirit. All are useful for developing a more energetic, harmonious, and balanced life.

Outer Ocean Services

Maritime services, instructions, and consultations that can help those exploring the outer oceans of the world around us.


Wondering what it takes to sail around the world in style? Captain LeCain Smith has sailed over 100,000 miles on many different boats and is available for consultations on all aspects of global cruising including how to plan your voyage. He is also a qualified yacht surveyor and can evaluate the design of systems and any modifications necessary for providing seaworthiness. LeCain is also very intuitive when it comes to weather and can provide tutorials and training in how to read conditions in the sky or on your digital computer display. Although he no longer delivers boats or charters his own vessel, LeCain is available for consultations or instructions in sailing and navigation. He is also delighted to share sea stories, especially those told to him by his feline sailing companion Chowder in the published series: The Amazing Adventure of the Sea Cat Chowder. You can see details in our product section. Please feel free to email him at info@windroseaway.com for more information.