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Sail Away Downeast

Sorry, but we are not chartering this summer.

The Experience

PerelandraThere are those who would say that you haven't really experienced coastal Maine until you've seen it from the pristine waters of Penobscot Bay, the way seafarers have viewed it for centuries. Each one of the many coves and islands scattered throughout the Bay has its own story. Some are havens for seabirds and wildlife, some reveal signs of former habitation or industry, some bear historic lighthouses. On two-hour trips, you can get a cool, refreshing break from land and a seabird's eye view of this exciting coast. Maybe spot an osprey or dolphin or a seal. Watch the parade of sail on the Bay (chances are good that one of the historic windjammers will glide past) or sight a lobster boat at work hauling traps. Half-day trips offer the opportunity of a closer look at several islands, sometimes with a short stop for a swim or beach walk. Full-day trips expand on these possibilities.

Our schedule is relaxed, and we sail wherever and whenever the wind allows and the guests desire. With a maximum of six passengers, you are never crowded. Take the wheel and see how you handle an ocean cruiser or just sit back on a soft cushion. Complimentary ice, soft drinks or juice, and wholesome snacks are provided. Or you're welcome to bring along a more substantial picnic lunch. You'll definitely want to pack your camera, a hat, sunblock, and a jacket.

Above all else, be assured that the Captain and his crew are dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable sailing experience.

The Boat

Perelandra is a 17-ton, steel-hulled sailboat that has already logged over 50,000 miles, including a six-year global circumnavigation through the South Pacific, across the Indian Ocean, and home by way of the Cape of Good Hope. Launched in 1989, she's a strong, stable, seaworthy vessel -- a shining example of modern steel boat design. Spaciously designed with a center cockpit and two separate staterooms, loaded with modern navigation and safety equipment, powered by a 60-hp Perkins diesel, and blessed with plenty of deck space, Perelandra offers a comfortable ride in most sea conditions and a relaxing space to lounge while at anchor. Add your memories to the many wonderful experiences already shared onboard this capable world cruiser. Come sail away with us!

The Captain

Capt. LeCain Smith is a Maine native who has held a Coast Guard license for over 35 years. He has sailed more than 100,000 miles at the helm of many different boats. Capt. Smith is also the author of Steel Away: A Guidebook to the World of Steel Sailboats and the Maritime History of Brooksville, as well as the creator of the video Far Away, a documentary filmed during his circumnavigation. With his lifetime of experience in the marine trades, including boat building, yacht surveying, and boat deliveries, you'll find yourself in good hands. He's delighted to share sea stories and give you a chance to learn the ropes.

The Bottom Line

2-hour trip

$40 per person

3-hour trip

$50 per person

4-hour trip

$60 per person

Full day

$100 per person

Cash or check only

Sailing daily out of Buck's Harbor in South Brooksville, Me, between June 1 and Oct 15.

Please call ahead for reservations; mornings or evenings are the best time to reach us. If we're out sailing, leave a message, and we'll return your call as soon as possible.

On four-hour or longer trips, we do need to know in advance if you'd like to go ashore on an island.

As your safety is our primary concern, adverse weather conditions may cause voyage cancellations.

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